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                  Grütschalp - Allmendhubel - Mürren, mit Eiger, Mönch
                  und Jungfrau


  Hiking and Trekking in Switzerland


My hobby is hiking and long distance walking, so I collect all the information available on this subject and place it at your disposal.

How to find an itinerary on my (German) hiking website? This homepage it specialised in trekking trails Switzerland and the border-region. To walk a long distant trail for several days means relaxation and recovery - make sure you have the right hiking gear from shoes to a good hiking backpack.

Please also consult the trekking list which already includes the description of more than 220 self guided long distant walks.

Here are some with especially detailed tour details (for English - try the Google-translation):

More to be found in the trekking list - some of them guided and/or with luggage transport

Translation in English is available for this head site only.
  • You want to let translate the whole wandersite? Try: Google translation machine
  • If you would like to send me a better translation yourself, you are welcome!


When you choose one of hikes or long distance walks, you will find the description in German only; but the information (addresses of accommodation, tourist offices, literature, maps) you will understand in any language.

Public transport in Switzerland is excellent. Most of my tours lead from one place to another, you will have no difficulty in getting back to the starting point by bus or train if necessary. Thanks to internet, planning has become quite easy.

After all, I am collecting all the links which could be interesting for hikers:
Hikes in
                      Switzerland: Thurweg,%20Toggenburg
Hiking in
                      Switzerland: Clariden-Highway near Klausenpass
The hiking net in Switzerland is one of the best best marked all over the world - about 68'000 kilometers are at your disposal!

Note: You are responsible for your own security. Depending on weather and equipment, even an easy hike in the Swiss Alps can become dangerous. Please consult the weather forecast and have a look at a weather camera.

Last but not least: All information in this website is given free or charge. On the other hand, Wandersite declines any liability in connection with this information, including all links.

Are you puzzled about the various train tickets, the regional passes and the Swiss Travel System, you will find all the necessary information in:

Wishing you a HAPPY WALKING and, if in the meantime you note any changes (telephone numers, hotels, addresses, etc.), please let me know. Your cooperation will be much appreciated.
Ursula Brem
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